Hourly Rental Rates:

Cessna 150 - $140.00
Cessna 172 - $174.00
Cessna 182RG - $315.00
Beechcraft Duchess - $366.00
Redbird SD Simulator - $85

Hourly Instruction Rates:

Flight and Ground Instruction: $60

*All hourly rates are “wet” and include the price of fuel. Bend Aircraft offers a 10% discount for ground instruction, flight instruction, and aircraft rental fees with a deposit of $1,000 or more to your flight account. Please inquire with the Office Administration for further information.

Redbird SD Flight Simulator

The newest addition to our “fleet,” the Redbird SD Flight Simulator allows a unique flying experience every time. This simulator allows you to practice maneuvers, approaches, equipment failures, and set all parameters of the flight while logging time and saving money. The simulator is equipped with a control loading yoke for a more realistic feel and it can easily connect with your Foreflight. It is a FAA certified AATD, making it a new favorite among commercial and instrument students and those looking for IPC checks and currency flights.

N736YY - Cessna R182 RG (Retractable Gear)

Audio Panel - GMA 345
GPS/Nav/Com 1 - GTN 650
Nav/Com 2 - KX155 (with glide slope)
Transponder - GTX 345 ADS-B In-and-Out
Dual G5 Installation

This aircraft allows us to provide you with high performance and complex aircraft training, but our renters know that it provides for great cross country flying experiences. This aircraft has a useful load and cruising speed that allow you to go far, go quickly, and do it comfortably. Cruising at 145 knots true airspeed, you will come to understand why this plane has become a favorite. Connect your iPad to the Garmin GTN 650 via bluetooth and enjoy the benefits of GPS position, ADS-B traffic, and FIS-B weather information on your chosen pilot app. An in-panel flush mount for an iPad mini keeps your device charged and facilitates a more seamless cockpit configuration.

N733MG - Cessna 172N

Audio Panel - GMA 340
GPS/Nav/Com 1 - GNS 430W
Nav/Com 2 - GNC 255A
Transponder - GTX 345 ADS-B In-and-Out

This Cessna 172 is equipped with a WAAS GNS 430 and ADS-B in-and-out from the GTX 345 transponder. Traffic and weather both display on the 430 as well as your iPad via a bluetooth connection. The engine has ported cylinders, a Powerflow Exhaust System, and Challenger induction filter upgrade. N733MG has a bit more going on under the cowling for those who are comfortable with more power. This aircraft is one of our Part 141 training aircraft and is IFR capable.

N5128R - Cessna 172M

Audio Panel - GMA 342
GPS/Nav/Com 1 - GNS 430W
Nav/Com 2 - Narco MK-12D TSO
Transponder - GTX 345 ADS-B In-and-Out

This Cessna 172 is equipped with a WAAS GNS 430 and ADS-B in-and-out from the GTX 345 transponder. Traffic and weather both display on the 430 as well as your iPad via a bluetooth connection. A Garmin G5 attitude indicator functions as a miniature PFD and makes your instrument scan a little easier. This cheerfully yellow plane is our flight school workhorse and is favored among our commercial students for long cross country flights.

N734XY - Cessna 172M

Audio Panel - GMA 345
GPS/Nav/Com 1 - GTN 650
GPS/Nav/Com 2 - GNC 355
Transponder - GTX 345R Integrated XPDR - Interfaces on GTN 650
Dual G5 installation
Nu-Lite Panel Lighting

The second of the 172s we brought home from the east coast, 734XY has spent the last year being completely renovated. With new interior panelling, seats, a modern audio panel, and a Powerflow Exhaust System, this aircraft has become a real treat to fly. It is an easy choice for those pilots with a level of proficiency and comfort with the Garmin 650, which makes up the backbone of this airplane’s avionics. The panel includes Bluetooth audio, a GTN 650 GPS/Nav/Com with ADS-B In-and-Out, traffic and weather, GNC 355 GPS/Com #2, and dual Garmin G5s.

N5330Q - Cessna 150L

Audio Panel - GMA 345
GPS/Nav/Com 1 - GNC 355
Nav/Com 2 - KX155 (with glide slope)
Transponder - Stratus 1090ES ADS-B In-and-Out
Dual G5 installation

Our Cessna 150 is sought after by both renters and students who have their eyes on a quality airplane that won’t break the bank. This particular 150 is well cared for, and with recent upgrades it is likely the most well endowed little Cessna in Central Oregon. The panel has been updated to include dual G5’s, an audio panel with bluetooth capabilities, and the touch screen WAAS Garmin GNC 355. The 100 hp engine burns less than 5 Gallons an hour, making the aircraft a fantastic option for building flight time.

N5116M - BE76 Beechcraft Duchess

Audio Panel - GMA 340
Nav/Com 1 - GNS 430w
Nav/Com 2
Transponder - GTX 345 ADS-B In-and-Out

This Beechcraft Duchess is a very reliable aircraft and has been well cared for over the years. We purchased it locally in the winter of 2018, and it has since become a popular workhorse for students seeking their multi-engine training. It is equipped with a Garmin 430w, IFR-Approach GPS/Moving Map/COMM Transceiver along with bluetooth traffic and weather capabilities.

N50947 - Cessna 172M

Audio Panel - GMA 345
GPS/Nav/Com 1 - GNS 430W
Com 2 - KX 225 Com only
Transponder - GTX 345 ADS-B In-and-Out
Dual G5 Installation

This Cessna 172 lived in the northeastern United States before we purchased it and flew it home to Bend. It likes it more here, just like the rest of us. We quickly got to work on some fantastic upgrades, removing the old radios and installing a new audio panel, a transponder with ADS-B in and out, and Garmin GNS 430W GPS/NAV/COM along with dual Garmin G5s. A very capable aircraft, N50947 has quickly gained popularity among renters since joining our fleet.


What do I need to bring in?

We just need to get a copy of your Pilots Licence, Medical certificate, most recent BFR, and TSA Documentation; your Passport or Driver’s Licence and Birth Certificate. We also need you to review and sign our Service Agreement, Damage Agreement, and we need a credit card on file.

Do I need Insurance to rent from you?

While we strongly suggest it, renters insurance is not required. If
something does happen, you are expected to pay our current
insurance deposit of $5000 or more to fix the issue.

How do I get checked out to rent?

Give the office a call or email and we will get you on the list for the next available CFI. The CFI will reach out to set up a time to show you the facility and go up for a flight. After you’re cleared by our CFI, you can rent whenever and all you have to do is give us a call at the office to schedule.

Can I rent a plane overnight?

For sure! We need to know where the plane will be kept and there
are minimum requirements for the amount of time that the aircraft is
flown. Check with the front desk to get your overnight rental

Can I rent the plane all day?

Definitely. If you’re planning a day trip and you’re going to be gone
for longer than 4 hours, we do need to know where you’re going and some details about the flight. We also require a minimum of 4 hours of rental time due to the inability of other renters to use the plane. Check with the front desk for more details and to have your day trip approved.

What happens if I need to fuel up?

If you need to fuel up before your flight here at KBDN, we have an
account at the FBO you can charge it to. If you have to fill up at a different airport, keep your fuel receipt and give it to the front desk and we can credit your account or cut you a check. We will not reimburse for taxes, fees, or cost per gallon above the price at KBDN.

What is the procedure for renting after hours and on weekends?

Monday through Friday, there will be a staff member here from
8am-5pm but the office is closed on weekends. Return the aircraft to a BAM tiedown and ensure to install the gust lock and lock the doors. Flight logbooks and headsets are kept in the cabinet out front and we will give you the code before your flight to get in. If there is an emergency, contact our after-hours phone at 541-300-0066.


Come fly with us and experience the joys of aviation! At Bend Aircraft we believe that safety comes first, which is why we pride ourselves on providing well maintained aircraft to our students and instructors.

(541) 241-7371

63330 Powell Butte Hwy
Bend, OR 97701

8am to 5pm
Monday thru Friday