Welcome to Bend Aircraft!

Congratulations on beginning your journey to become a pilot. Whether you dream of flying the largest airliners across the globe, piloting the newest corporate jets to luxurious destinations, utilizing bush piloting skills to access remote locales, or using aviation to facilitate business and family getaways, we can take you from wherever you find yourself today to the safe and competent pilot you hope to become. We are a family of aviation enthusiasts and we are excited to welcome you into the group. Your training will be an experience you keep with you for your entire life. It will challenge you and build your confidence. You will come to learn that with hard work and dedication the skies will indeed open up to you.

Not ready to commit quite yet? Come check us out at the Bend Airport. We are happy to give you a tour of our facilities and answer any questions you may have. If you're still on the fence, take a discovery flight, and let the joy of flight make the decision for you!


Getting From Here to There
Commercial Path

Beginning your journey towards flying commercially (remember that just means getting paid to fly planes, not necessarily flying for an airline) doesn't have to be intimidating. Broadly speaking, there are two routes you can choose to follow. Flight training affiliated with a college will allow you to complete all of your certificates and ratings while working towards an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. As a future commercial pilot, it is never a bad idea to have a college degree on your resume. Many employers, including many major airlines, may require a Bachelor's degree as a prerequisite to your hiring. This has changed some in recent years so reach out to your dream employer and ask them about their requirements.

If you already have a college degree or if you simply are not interested in wading through the inefficient, bureaucratic world of receiving flight training through a college, the other option is to find a flight school, like Bend Aircraft, that can provide highly personalized flight training independent of a higher education institution. If you are motivated and proficient in self-studying, this will surely be the fastest and most economical route to become a commercial pilot. A focused student who prioritizes their studies and flies three to four times a week can complete their Private, Instrument, and Commercial training and become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) in a year or less. Working as a CFI is a natural step for many new commercial pilots. It is a great way to build flight experience and hone your craft. As an instructor, you will cement the skills you developed as a student and experience the joy of sharing your knowledge with eager students. We do our best to provide CFI employment opportunities to our former students.

Private Path

There are a multitude of reasons why people pursue their private pilot license. Whether the impetus is business or pleasure, decreasing the time and hassles associated with alternative means of transportation and facilitating efficiency and a pursuant increase in productivity and enjoyment are at the root of your aviation journey. We want your flight training experience to be an extension of those goals: on your schedule, at your pace, and tailored to you. We know that a special emphasis on safety and consistency is paramount for many, especially if you plan on flying your family in the future. At our small, student-first flight school, developing a personal relationship with your flight instructor is easy. You can be assured that you won’t become caught up in the pilot mill environment that prevails at many larger flight schools. If purchasing your own plane is in the cards, take advantage of our integrated training and maintenance programs to help you evaluate potential purchases, make desired upgrades, and complete your transition from our aircraft to your own. After receiving your private pilot license, or as we like to think of it, your “license to learn,” we won’t leave you behind. Continue to utilize flight instruction to maintain or enhance proficiency, gain additional endorsements for complex and high performance airplanes, or pursue a horizon-expanding instrument rating.


Come fly with us and experience the joys of aviation! At Bend Aircraft we believe that safety comes first, which is why we pride ourselves on providing well maintained aircraft to our students and instructors.

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